Music Recording, Mixing & Mastering

After achieving an extended diploma at distinction level in Music Technology, I have spent years learning and practicing professional recording in a variety of situations and genres.  I'm now very excited to offer my services to people who need help creating professional, polished sounding music in a variety of musical styles.  From recording to mixing to mastering, let me know about your project using the contact box below and we can figure out exactly what you need to get you on your way to creating professional sounding releases! 

My Recent clients include - 

The Premiership

Wolves FC - Foundation charity single



ITV - Come Dine With Me

BBC Radio Bristol

Frequently asked questions

How much do you charge to mix/master/record a song?

Every song is unique and as such requires different amounts of time to complete. Please send me a message with your track and ideas for an exact quote!

What kit do you have?

Mics - AKG 414 XL II AT-4040 Sure SM57 AKG 451 E - Matched Pair PMM13 AV-JEFE AKG - D5 Senheiser - E902 Senheiser MD441U SE8's - Matched Pair Interface - RME Fireface UCX Preamps - SSL XLogic ALPHA VHD PRE Monitors - Kali Audio LP6's DAW - Logic Pro X Plugins - Waves, Kush & Logic Pro x etc Midi Keyboard - Impact LX 61+ 23 - Acoustic & Electric guitars (You'll find what your after!) 2 Bass guitars - 1993 Mx J Bass, Ibanez SR750 Active Double bass - 1880 German 3/4 Headrush Pedal Board Variety of valve amps Percussion - Cajon, shakers

Can I send you tracks to mix remotely?


I've never recorded music before, can I still make music with no experience?

Yes of course! I'm happy to offer an artist development session with you to help you bring your vision to life.

How do I release music online?

I can show you how to get your muisc distributed on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple music etc and even help show you strategies for radio play and playlisting.

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